Dusted William Sounds has released Funky Ass Drum Loops, a collection of over 100 loops (.wav 16\44.1) in the classic 70’s break beat style.

The loops were recorded in a pristine drum room with, with expensive mics, and an emphasis on a tight and snappy sound. The drums were played by Aaron Pearl and recorded in Spinner Studio’s by Dave Brown.

Dusted William Super Funky Ass Drums

Great pains were taken to make the drum room as dry as possible. To do this Spinner Studio painstakingly built a massive amount of absorbant material to control the amount or reflections coming of the wall.

There is a mic on every drum, a set of room mics as well as overheads. A total of 11 channels, all being mixed into one funky stereo track. Each loop is edited and looped to perfection. The loops vary in tempo and are at least 1 – 2 bars long with some fills thrown in for good measure.

Funky Ass Drum Loops is available for download for an introductory price of only $10 US dollars.

Visit Dusted William Sounds for more information and demo mp3s.