VST Buzz has launched a limited time sale on Transverse by dvCompTools, a flexible transition and reverse designer for Steinberg HALion.

“Transverse” is a super fast way to design reverse sounds, risers, rhythmic riffs, performable textures, abstract beats and granular pads in Steinberg HALion.

Though suitable for all uses, Transverse is specifically useful for electronic music genres, game sound design, trailer music and film music.

With layers switchable between noise and oscillator and a user sample section with a granular synth, the texture and sound capabilities are numerous.

Transverse features

  • 260 Presets for FX, Reverse Designs, Bass, Beats and more.
  • Curves Modulator with Three Layers.
  • Metallic, Digital, Analog and User sound sources.
  • LFOs and Envelopes for endless modulation possibilities.
  • Effects including Stereo Width, Stereo Spread, Reverb and Delay.
  • Wave Display for sample editing.
  • XY Pad for morphing sound design.

On sale for only 25 EUR, Transverse runs in HALion and the free HALion Player (regular 62 EUR). The offer is valid until October 3rd, 2022.

More information: VST Buzz