echo | collective Little boxes

echo | collective has launched Little Boxes, a curated collection of four unique sound sets designed to compliment one another sonically and texturally.

These textures move from acoustic to electroacoustic to analog synthesis. The tonal palette of one instrument fits like a puzzle piece into the sound of the others. Each deeply expressive, these instruments compliment each other in both musical and sound design contexts.

All of these instruments were miked or directly recorded in MONO, providing for thick, punchy recordings. The Kontakt instruments break the sounds into stereo however, and push the source material much deeper into its potential.

Little Boxes features

  • 24 bit 96k metadata tagged wav files.
  • 342 unique recordings.
  • 3.1 Gb of sounds.
  • 79 Kontakt unlocked .nki files.
  • .nki files require full version of NI Kontakt 4 or higher.
  • Photos.

The sample library costs $55 USD. A Limited Collection (16bit/44kHz) is available for $30 USD.

More information: echo | collective / Little Boxes