Edward Loveall Downplay

Edward Loveall has released Downplay, DelayGrains and Modlove, three free effect plug-ins for Mac.

Presented are 3 plugins, a Downsampler/Bitcrusher (Downplay), an LFO based, modulation plugin (Modlove) and a granular delay buffer playback effect (DelayGrains). All plugins were created with Max/MSP 4.6.3 and the Pluggo API. The interfaces are custom designed and coded as well, using Max’s JSUI Objects and the OpenGL language.

Also the song “Net Neutrality” is an example showcasing the plugins abilities on live tracks. A video describing the plugins and delivering the song is included.

Edward Loveall plug-ins

  • Downplay, a hiresolution Downsampler and Bit Crusher. With it, you can add a tasteful degraded quality to your music, or add a sharp edge to your bassline, drums or synths.
  • Delaygrains, a granular delay buffer playback effect. It uses a delay buffer to modify currently playing back audio. Interesting glitch sounds and certain pitch shifting effects can be obtained by tuning its controls.
  • Modlove, an LFO based, modulation plugin. It can be used for pulsating beats, a buttery tremolo, twangy textures and even ring modulation.

The plug-ins are available as a free download for Mac (requires Pluggo Runtime).

More information: Edward Loveall

Link via Synthtopia