Loopmasters has released two new sample packs by Egoless of freestyle record label immaimma, and English singer and member of house music act Freemasons Amanda Wilson, who has a four octave vocal range.

Experiments in Dub by bass music scientist Egoless is a totally unique piece of work, with investigational sound design at its core.

Loopmasters Egoless Experiments in Dub

The pack includes nearly 1 GB of loops, MIDI files, sampler patches and one-shot samples.

“I approached creating this sample pack while having two things on my mind. One is to create a mix between organic reggae & dub and dubstep & bass music, a genre fusion that comes very natural to me and has taken me all over the world in the last 7 years since I started performing live. However, to do my best not following the strict genre rules and see where it takes me.

Also, the idea was to record a fine blend of both electronic and acoustic instruments, making the pack as versatile as possible. That means I basically sampled my whole studio. Analog 808’s and other drum machines, 303, synths, my modular Eurorack setup, some boutique gear like Lyra-8, acoustic drums and percussions, bass and electric guitar, recorded and saturated through my analog console in the studio.”

The pack costs £34.95 GBP, with parts sold from £6.95 GBP.

Loopmasters has also released House & Disco Vocals, a collaborative project with one of the most powerful voices to do the rounds on the dance music circuit, Amanda Wilson.

Loopmasters Amanda Wilson House and Disco Vocals

The pack includes hooks, adlibs, stacked vocal harmonies and full loops, recorded at the Loopmasters studio using the finest microphones, hardware compressors and outboard gear available.

Amanda Wilson is a name familiar to many millions of dance, club and house fans all across the world. With a truly incredible voice, Amanda is a professional singer, vocalist, and songwriter at the very top of her game.

It’s been a rapid rise to the top since the summer of 2005, when Amanda was discovered by international dance producers The Freemasons.

House & Disco Vocals is available to download for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters