Electric Himalaya has released Electronic Toolkit, a sound bank for Tassman 4 by Applied Acoustics Systems.

Electronic Toolkit includes 454 performances suitable for contemporary electronic music production. Five months in the making, this collection uses almost all instruments from Tassman’s default library as well as four instruments created by Christophe Duguesne (complete list in pdf here).

With Christophe’s permission, this sound set benefits from his ingenious designs in the form of the following instruments:

  1. KaDuke
  2. Otari
  3. PolyTuned Paduke
  4. BigMod

Sound categories included in Electronic Toolkit: Acoustic, Ambient, Bass, Bell, Drone, Drum Loops, Keys, Lead, Organ (twisted), Pads, Synth, and Vocal.

Electronic Toolkit is now available for a special introductory price of 19.99 EUR.

Visit Electric Himalaya for more information and audio demos.