344 Audio and Glitchedtones have teamed up to bring a new Kontakt library with 2,000+ samples of sustained notes of a classic instrument for jazz, blues, rock and soul genres.

With 10 main organ patches and 12 additional designed patches, the Electric Organ instrument is perfect for creating electronic music, cinematic scores and compositions in a variety of genres.

This library is made in collaboration with Stuart Keenan from Glitchedtones, who captured an Electric Organ which has a rotary speaker, at a studio in Newcastle with 4 different microphones positioned for drum (baffle chamber), horn (treble driver) and stereo room mic perspectives. A direct input of the organ was also recorded.

Our Audio Craftsmen meticulously edited the samples, programmed 22 patches and integrated them into our Kontakt interface. The main patches include the bottom keyboard and top keyboards (in two different tone settings) with speaker off, speaker on in slow and fast rotations.

But we didn’t stop there… We also built a variety of designed patches which include metallic techno sequences, lofi keyboards, old school games consoles, large church organs, water pads, drum kits and much, much more. This gives film composers, music producers and sound designers a vast array of options to create awesome compositions.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher, Electric Organ is $60 USD excl. VAT at A Sound Effect.