Swedish musical instrument company Elektron has introduced a new “Song Mode” on its Digitakt drum machine and sampler, Syntakt drum computer and synthesizer, and Digitone and Digitone Keys polyphonic FM synthesizer.

The powerful feature that lets users create, edit, and play compositions made up of dozens of patterns, making it incredibly useful in all kinds of scenarios and for all kinds of artists.

Want to have a deeply customizable backing track, leaving your hands free for other sweet gear? That’s now possible. And so much more. Extend beyond the limits of the 64-step sequencer, giving you the possibility of longer phrases. Create entire setlists in a single song, and use it as the springboard for your wicked performance, going off-piste whenever it feels right. Sequence external devices and have them dancing to Song Mode’s tune, turning the Digis into fully-fledged MIDI beasts.

There are also plenty of creative tricks to explore as well, ensuring that hitting play is only the beginning of Song Mode’s potential.

Song Mode is included in the latest OS for the Digis, available to download at the Elektron website. The OS update also includes Portamento, Legato, and Global FX/Mix for Syntakt, and Keyboard Fold and additional scales for Digitakt, Digitone, and Digitone Keys. It also includes various improvements and bug fixes.

More information: Elektron