Elektron has announced the launch of a new dynamic sound processor that is designed to evoke the sound of color and let the sonic paint drip over your beats, melodies and sounds.

The Analog Heat +FX is an all-around sound coloring and manipulation box with 8 fully analog stereo distortion circuits, ranging from a subtle clean boost to complete annihilation. An analog multi-mode filter and 2-band adaptable EQ are available to shape the sound.

Digital effects in the re-arrangeable signal path include a warble effect, delay and reverb, bit & sample rate reduction for lo-fi glitchyness, a compressor, and bass focus for a fat and focused low end.

It gives you a wide color palette of processing possibilities. Reordering them to experiment and find your own signal flow, with your own special timbres. Whatever the source, and wherever the destination. Enhance, destroy, ignite, and make it drift – let your sound be your canvas.

Ample modulation options are available, and the unit comes with 512 preset slots for instant recall.

Analog Heat +FX is available to purchase for 999 USD/EUR.

More information: Elektron