Embrays Designs has announced the release of Essentials Racks, a collection of presets for the Soundtoys Effect Rack.

The Effect Rack in Soundtoys 5 allows creating custom effect chains and control your favorite Soundtoys effects without navigating multiple windows.

Essentials Racks comprises 150 presets in 11 categories: Drums, Percussions, Mid Bass, Vocals, Keys, Guitars (Acoustic and Electric), Plucks (Arps), Pads, Soft Synths, Hard Synths, and Gated Synths.

Best Used when you use Presets only from the Category intended for that specific type of Sound. They have been Designed to make it easier for you when you want that Professional Mojo in your Sounds…

The Essentials Racks pack is available for the intro price of $15 USD for a limited time.

More information: Embrays Designs