Audio Plugin Deals has launched a promotion on the EMISYNTH by STRIX Instruments, a unique collectible library of synthesizers for Native Instruments Kontakt.

EMISYNTH is a collection of eleven unique Soviet children’s synthesizers, which have survived to this day. These instruments range from 30 to 50 years old!

The sound recording was done from the original speakers of these instruments, thus the sound is as intended by the designers. It feels like putting an entire era in a few gigabytes of data.

Looking for a piercing, bright, but at the same time pleasant sound? This deal is perfect for you! Each of these synthesizers will attract attention in a mix, adding a confident and distinctive sound to the track. With the help of fine-tuning knobs embedded in the library you can independently control each effect.

The library includes 11 synths with 100 presets and 979 variations, created with over 3,500 unique samples. Presets include basic sounds, bass, keys, leads, pads, and plucks.

EMISYNTH for Kontakt 5 or higher (full version) is on sale for $29.99 USD until August 5th, 2021 (regular $99 USD).

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