Empty Vessel has released Flux and Flow, two soundsets that explore XILS-lab’s PolyKobol emulations, the PolyKB II and PolyKB III synthesizer plugins.

Empty Vessel Flux Flow

Flux and Flow offers 35 presets each, exploring the capabilities of PolyKB to produce warm, dirty, rich and dusty, evolving textures full of life and movement.

The packs consist mainly of pad sounds, some keys and arps in a similar style to their previous PolyM and Oxium packs and factory presets. The sounds are mostly warm, ambient, wonky, with a Boards of Canada, Plaid and Ulrich Schnauss feel.

Flux makes use of the extra possibilities introduced with v3 of PolyKB, Flow is designed for the more limited v2 but will also open and sound identical within v3 making the discount double-pack a good option for v3 owners.

Flow is also compatible with the PolyKB ii player.

The soundsets are $9.50 USD each, or bundled for $14.50 USD.

More information: Empty Vessel