Pyer and Marc Boulé has released a new Geodesics series module for the VCV Rack modular system. Entropia is a free thermodynamic microstate sequencer.

Geodesics Entropia

This module can be a melodic sequencer, a controllable random source, a sequenced series of VCAs, and every possible mix of each.

The 8-step sequencer has two values per step and a probability to select one of the two values. The resulting sequence is achieved by switching or adding the two values. Both values can be a sequence of voltages, a range controlled random source, or an external source.

Entropia features

  • 8 steps sequencer.
  • 3 modes per sequence.
  • 2 ways to blend the sequences (add or switch).
  • Probability of blend per step.
  • General probability offset.
  • Random playing mode.
  • CV generator.
  • Random source.
  • Sequenced VCA.

The module is a free download. Donation are appreciated.

More information: Geodesics