Soundpaint has introduced a comprehensive and deep-sampled collection of large-scale taikos. The Epic Taiko Ensemble features the highly renowned Taiko Ensemble group Emeryville Taiko, lead by master Susan Horn.

Epic Taiko Ensemble has two microphone positions for all Parts and also includes a Massive Taiko Ensemble Part. This library includes not only the Taiko Ensemble but other sounds associated with Taiko (ensemble screams, yells, yell-hits, percussive cannon “Tekkan,” and more.)

We sampled all the classic Taiko drums, including the booming O-daiko, Nagado Daiko, and the smaller and more snare like Shime-daiko. We also played the drums with hands and alternative stick types, capturing the most comprehensive collection of clacks made with different type of sticks and by hitting the rims of the larger Taiko drums.

Epic Taiko Ensemble for the Soundpaint Engine (VST3, AU and standalone) is available to purchase for $40 USD.

More information: Soundpaint