Eplex7 DSP audio software has announced the availability of time-limited plugin bundles at special prices of up to 55% off regular prices.

The following bundle are available until April 15th:

  • Dark futuristic bundle at 55% off: Replikorp 2249 retro futuristic instrument + Quantakor experimental futuristic instrument.
  • Psytrance bundle at 50% off: Spherum FX re-synthesizer + Hitech Bass HBS1 advance bassline plugin synthesizer + Psytrance EFX Pro plugin instrument.
  • Drum and Bass bundle at 45% off: Bassthronn bass re-synthesizer + BassBlaster futuristic bass plugin effect.
  • Sci-fi bundle at 45% off: Particle Collider SX7 hybrid experimental fx synthesizer + Quantakor plugin instrument.

Demo version of plugins included in the bundles can be found on the product pages at Eplex7 DSP.