Eric Beam Superstitious Snare - 13″ Ludwig Black Magic Snare

Eric Beam Ole Vet - Vintage Gretsch Field Snare

Eric Beam has released Superstitious Snare and Ole Vet, two sample packs featuring snare drum samples.

The goal was to capture a robust unprocessed RAW sample set of the 13″ Ludwig Black Magic and Vintage Gretsch Field snare drums, with a focus on authenticity & flexibility for later post processing (EQ, Compression, Gating, Verb, ect.)

Eric Beam Snare Drum Sample Packs

  • Superstitious Snare13″ Ludwig Black Magic
    • 116 Samples containing Stick, Rim, Buzz & Accent hits
    • 7 velocity layers
    • 3 hits per velocity
  • Ole VetVintage Gretsch Field Snare
    • 76 Samples containing Stick, Rim, & Accent hits
    • 5 velocity layers
    • 3 hits per velocity
  • Individual top, bottom, & stereo over-head samples per hit.
  • Pristine unprocessed signal path & 24bit resolution.
  • Recording Chain: Top mic 414, Bottom e604, over-heads Earthworks SR78; CLM Dynamics DB8000s & Seventh Circle Audio mic pres.

Both sample packs are available to download at no cost. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Signal To Noize