Erica Synths has announced that its Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator is now available to customers around the world.

The previously announced Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator is a complex sound processor that combines VCA, waveshaper and ringmodulator functions.

Erica Synths Fusion Waveshaper

The Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator is not a regular VCA (though it can operate as one), but most of the power of the module lies in its ability to perform advanced modulations.

By having two CVs applied simultaneously to different stages of the VCA, the use of audio rate modulations — using ringmodulator as a waveshaper — means that the only limit to your sound shaping abilities is your own imagination!

Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator features

  • Full analogue design.
  • Vacuum tube based VCA – two miniature pentodes for better gain reduction.
  • Two unconventional CV controls – CVs are not mixed, but they control different grid voltages of the tubes.
  • Manual VCA bias control.
  • Manual overdrive.
  • Input crossfader.
  • Built-in ringmodulator.
  • Direct switch for conventional VCA mode.
  • Low power consumption due to miniature vacuum tubes.

The Fusion VCA / Waveshaper / Ringmodulator is priced at 290 EUR (excl. VAT).

More information: Erica Synths