Erica Synths has announced that its Black Octasource high-end 12HP Eurorack module is now shipping. Octasource features 8 LFOs with morphing waveforms.

Erica Black OCTASOURCE is, what we want to believe, the LFO carried to it’s extremes.

It features one of 8 waveforms available on 8 outputs phase shifted by 45 degrees OR all 8 waveforms simultaneously on all outputs. Furthermore, waveform selection, phase shift and LFO rate are CV controlled, and the rate can be synched to an external clock signal.

Black Octasource features

  • LFO with manually and CV controlled rate.
  • Manual selection of phase shift direction.
  • 8 simultaneous outputs.
  • Synchronization to an external clock.
  • LFO freeze function.
  • 8 waves with morphing between them.
  • Phase shift, wave select and FM CV.
  • Bipolar output signal level LEDs.

The Black Octasource is available for purchase for 280 EUR + 21% VAT in EU (excl. shipping).

More information: Erica Synths