ESI has announced the launch of two new affordable entry level desktop audio interfaces designed as ideal audio interfaces for beginners and users on a budget.

Small, lightweight and super affordable, Neva Uno and Neva Duo feature phantom powered professional microphone preamplifiers and guitar inputs. Both Interfaces connect via USB-C to any modern PC or Mac and to many mobile devices and provide everything needed to get started.

ESI’s professional EWDM drivers with full low latency ASIO support including DirectWIRE loopback function make them perfect not only for any professional audio software but also for podcasting and online streaming applications, especially if multiple programs are used simultaneously.

Neva Uno and Neva Duo include a powerful software package including Bitwig Studio 8-Track, Cubasis LE (for iPad), WaveLab LE and the Audified inTone ESI Edition. They also ship with a 3 month subscription for the online music performance tool JackTrip.

“We decided that it is time to provide basic professional features like ultra-low-latency ASIO drivers and decent 24-bit / 192kHz support at a cost anyone can afford.”, says Claus Riethmüller, CEO of ESI.

Neva Uno and Neva Duo start shipping to retailers in Europe in December, priced 69 EUR and 85 EUR respectively (MSRP). Due to the ongoing global logistical challenges, they will be available early next year in other parts of the world.

More information: ESI