Eska QUODfm

Eska has released QUODfm, an FM synthesis based softsynth for Windows PC.

QUODfm features

  • Four time multitimbral.
  • Microtuning.
  • Dynamic scale quantize (scale constraining) for each channel.
  • Livechannel: Route dynamicly to the synth and controll channels.
  • Load on select browsing of presets and microtunings.
  • Chord Pads: A 16 x chordmemory, fingerdrumpad interface.
  • Retrigger button for the last n notes.
  • Undertones: “Trautonium” subharmonics.
  • Control signals are BPM related, shuffle, master time stretch.

QUODfm costs 39 EUR (+ VAT depending on your location). A demo version is available for download.

Visit Eska for more information.