Eska QUODfm

Eska has released version 1.4 of QUODfm, a software synthesizer plug-in based on FM synthesis.

Changes in QUODfm v1.4

  • Changed marker (a star appears in front of the name).
  • External input.
  • Cross synth modulation.
  • Mono to poly feedback.
  • Undo/compare buffer per synth.
  • Chebychev filter.
  • New parameter: EG-slopemodulation.
  • Improved: Browser, loads are quantized to (non-shuffle) beats.
  • Improved: Retrigger now only affects running notes, retrigger gets quantized too (with snap set to ON).
  • Allpass impact increase.
  • Fixed: denormals, and sustain is now constantly modulatable.

QUODfm is available as a VST instrument for Windows PC for 39 EUR (ex. VAT). A demo version can be downloaded here.

More information: Eska