Rob Papen Blade

EternitySound has released Slizan, a soundset for the Blade virtual synthesizer by Rob Papen.

Rob Papen’s Blade synthesizer is a rethink on additive synthesis, with “ease of use” at the forefront of this idea. At the heart of this is the Harmolator, an amazing new spin on the old X/Y pad, which imbues movement and texture to sounds through recorded modulation actions.

This bank, of 64 patches in total, caters for all types of EDM, including House, Trance, Dubstep, DrumnBass and many others.

Slizan features

  • 8 bass patches; 13 wobble bass patches; 14 Keys patches; 7 Pad patches; 5 Arp patches and 13 Lead patches and 4 FX patches.
  • The soundset ships in a single .zip and includes the .fxp bank file and an ECS file for correct midi latching in each patch + README instructions on how to install the bank and the ECS file.
  • Note: Requires Blade version 1.0.08 or later.

Slizan is available to purchase for $6.99 USD.

More information: EternitySound