As immersive and high-resolution audio has become widely available to consumers thanks to streaming platforms including Apple Music, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Spotify and others, talented mix engineers such as Kevin Madigan have been tapped for their expertise in creating compelling immersive mixes that maintain the character of the original stereo mixes, while expanding their sensory landscape.

“There are so many possibilities with immersive, but the idea is to expand the musical soundscape without ever being distracting,” he says. “There are so many placement possibilities and options to make it more interesting, but you can never lose focus of the original intent.”

Madigan depends on many plugins in his workflow to arrive at exactly the sound he is looking for, and SplitEQ is most recently among these.

He has found SplitEQ particularly useful in his immersive productions since the percussive impact can change when moving from stereo to object-based mixing.

“When you start spreading things out from traditional 2 bus with dynamic control, many things can change,” he says. “This is where transient control can really help, which is exactly what SplitEQ excels at. As mix engineers, we need to have tools available to us to maintain the character of that stereo mix.”

Eventide’s SplitEQ is on offer at a 40% discount, priced $99 USD until February 28th, 2023.

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