2MGT/Metamusic Generative Tools has announced the release of an experimental sound, performance-oriented virtual musical instrument that is designed for creating cinematic ambient soundscapes, sound structures, and atmospheric and ethereal textures.

The EVOX Calypso instrument can also be used to create more traditional synthesizer sounds that can be layered to create a tremendous variety of spatial sounds. Its sounds extend to unattainable distances, immersing you in unexpected worlds.

EVOX Calypso is an standalone tool application for Windows that employs Wavetable / Granular synthesis in two separate and programmable layers each with extensive FX, Modulation Matrix and Chord Sequencer modules which provide the user with maximum control over unique sound creation.

As an experimental synthesizer, it radically departs from standard type instruments and is meant to be used as a laboratory for the exploration of new sonic and timbral creations. Playing EVOX Calypso is not like playing a conventional synthesizer, it does not have a keyboard and MIDI GUI like conventional synthesizers. Sound manipulation is carried out by built-in modulators and sequencers.

EVOX Calypso also has an 8-track sequencer with up to 64 steps for each track. Each track is essentially a separate synthesizer that can be recorded and played back in sync with the other tracks. Mini compositions can be made by merging these tracks together.

Available to download for Windows, EVOX Calypso includes more than 128 ready-to-mix presets. The free version has some limitations, while the donationware version includes a package of additional presets for synthesizers, effects, and track models.

More information: 2MGT/Metamusic Generative Tools