Expert Sleepers has released a public beta of Augustus Loop v2.0 for Mac, a major update to the tape echo/looping plug-in.

Augustus Loop is now fully skinnable and scriptable, a good opportunity for an Augustus Loop Skinning Competition.

We have three free licences (or upgrades) for Augustus Loop v2 to give away, and all you have to do to have a chance of winning is submit a new skin. Skins will be judged on aesthetic merit and/or interesting new functionality.

Changes in Augustus Loop v2.0 beta

  • Augustus Loop’s GUI is now fully skinnable and scriptable.
  • MIDI behaviour is now scriptable.
  • VST version now receives MIDI.
  • Added Record Offset feature.
  • Added waveform display.
  • The ‘Max Delay Time’ parameter now has a smaller minimum value (1.0 seconds) and is not rounded to the nearest 10 seconds.
  • Added Tape Read Mode parameter.
  • The Freeze Loop function is much improved.
  • A small crossfade is now applied when activating Clear Loop, and when Clear Loop ends.
  • The Input Level parameter is now protected against sudden changes, which previously could result in audio artefacts. In particular this makes the Punch In/Out features more usable.
  • A small crossfade is now applied when activating Tap Record.
  • Added a new mode for the Freeze Loop function, “Freeze Current”.
  • Added OSC support.
  • Added ‘Sync Group’ feature.
  • Added new ‘Tape Sim’ section.
  • Added factory presets.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Digital Mode to not engage correctly.

Visit Expert Sleepers for more information and a link to download a demo version.