Expert Sleepers Oomingmak

Expert Sleepers has released Oomingmak, a pitch- and envelope-tracking (re)synthesis effect.

Or, to put it another way, if you feed a sound source (e.g. a guitar) into Oomingmak it will come out sounding like you’re playing an analogue monosynth. Or maybe something else entirely.

Oomingmak features

  • It tracks the pitch and level of the incoming audio and uses them to:
    • synthesize an entirely original sound, using classic analogue-style waveforms and subtractive synthesis.
    • apply pitch modulation to the incoming audio, while syncing to the original waveform (the classic ‘oscillator sync’ effect, except that the ‘oscillator’ here is your audio).
  • The oscillator can also be synced to the incoming audio, and the tracked envelope can be used to modulate the pitch, filter cut-off and oscillator pulse-width. LFOs are also provided for further modulation possibilities.
  • Two ring modulators are also provided, allowing two different combinations of the above sounds to be modulated against each other.

Oomingmak is available for Windows and Mac (AU/VST) for $29 USD. A demo version is available for download.

To celebrate the release of our first all-new product for quite some time, we’re offering $10 off any other Expert Sleepers product when purchased at the same time as Oomingmak.

Visit Expert Sleepers for more information and audio demos.