Exploded Views Media has announced HyperTunes, a new iOS music sequencer app that frees composers from the multitrack timeline.


HyperTunes lets composers/songwriters express music directly in terms of musical structure, such as verse-chorus-bridge song forms. It also lets them collect and organize any number of musical patterns, song fragments, and songs within the app, all ready to “plug and play” in a new song with just a few touches.

Unlike other music studio software, in which songs are recorded and edited on a linear, multitrack timeline, HyperTunes represents song sections and instrument parts as discrete elements that can be readily navigated and reorganized even on a small screen, even one-handed. This structured approach helps users focus on the big picture as they compose – like trying out different variations of a song form – rather than getting bogged down in note-by-note tweaking on the timeline. Ready access to virtually all of one’s musical ideas and assets means new songs get off the ground quickly through the use of stock parts, and allows ideas not used in one project to be easily recycled in later projects, rather than getting lost and forgotten.

“I’ve owned lots of Digital Audio Workstations and hardware sequencers, and recently several mobile music studios too. They’re all fantastic for recording and mixing, but none of them let me try different song ideas as quickly and easily as I wanted,” explained Exploded Views Media founder James Mahoney. “I wanted to explore song variations with the same fluidity that I can explore melodies or chord progressions on a musical instrument.”

HyperTunes is designed to be as accessible to non-musicians and beginning composers as it is powerful for seasoned pros.

HyperTunes features

  • Flexible creative process – Start from a song form and plug in instrument parts later, the way a painter might sketch out a piece before filling in the details. Or, work in a more exploratory manner, adding one new section at a time. Rearrange the entire song in one step, just by selecting a different song form from the extensive built-in menu, or by typing in your own custom form.
  • Intelligent sequencing – Assign an instrument part to a section and HyperTunes automatically transposes it to fit; reorder sections and it automatically merges pickup notes to make the transitions seamless.
  • Powerful analysis tool – Rapidly break up existing songs into their component sections, so that you can freely rearrange them, repurpose their parts in new songs, mash them up with other songs, or simply as way of learning from great songs.
  • General MIDI format – Import original content and third party pattern libraries in General MIDI format. Export arrangements as General MIDI for performance, or for further production using other tools. More music formats are planned for future versions.

HyperTunes for iOS is available to purchase for $9.99 USD.

More information: HyperTunes