Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on XLN Audio’s XO, a standalone software and plugin for your DAW that sorts your one shot samples by similarity so you can focus on making beats.

XO helps you find drum sounds with ease, create beats with the playful and intuitive sequencer, and explore unlimited variations to beats and sounds.

XO is a revolutionary new way of exploring sounds and creating beats. It’s a fast, fun and inspiring new instrument that will have you making awesome beats in no time

XO features

  • 8000+ samples.
  • 200+ beat presets.
  • 6 supported file formats:.
  • Advanced export features.
  • Multiple outputs (8 additional buses).

XO is on sale for 125 USD/EUR until April 14th, 2021 (regular 179.95 USD/EUR), while the XO Lite edition is 85 USD/EUR during the promotion.

More information: XLN Audio