Kilohearts has announced the launch of a limited time promotion on selected audio plugins.

We’ve called this our “Exploring Space” sale because we are offering 50% off our Reverb, Ensemble, Filter and Haas effects, all of which can be used to add width, depth, room and movement to your productions.

They can also be combined and modulated as Snapins in any of our modular hosts or used as regular plugins (VST/AU/AAX) in your DAW.

The Exploring Space Sale offers a 50% discount on:

  • Filter: Resonant filter with 7 modes, swiftly getting rid of frequencies you don’t like or enhancing frequencies you do.
  • Reverb: Simple but powerful reverb, which helps you to quickly tune in the character you want.
  • Ensemble: Creates the illusion of many voices playing in unison.
  • Haas: Widens the stereo of the audio by delaying the left or the right channel slightly.

The plugins are on sale starting from 9.50 USD/EUR.

The offer is valid at Kilohearts and distributor Plugin Boutique until March 4th, 2021.