Exponential Audio

Exponential Audio has updated its PhoenixVerb and R2 reverb effect plug-ins to version 1.5.0.

Improvements include AudioSuite support for AAX plugins, a number of new presets, and several bug fixes.

Changes in PhoenixVerb v1.5.0 / R2 v1.5.0

  • Moved logs (on Mac) to /Library/Logs/ExponentialAudio.
  • Fixed some potential permissions in Mac installer.
  • Windows build uses new AAX SDK.
  • Added presets [PhoenixVerb]: Back Yard, Deep Hall 2, Lge Stone Church 2, Slapback Explosion 2, Small Far Hall 2, Small Close Hall 3, [R2]: Lge Far Cham 2, Med Guitar Hall 3, Rich Guitar Hall 3, Lge 81 Plate 2, Lge Random Plate.
  • Fixed a bug that had found its way into the first beta. This caused the preset name not to be refreshed in the preset selector when using a mouse.
  • Fixed a few buffer initialization bugs.
  • [R2] Fixed a bug in the ProTools automation page tables. Early/Reverb filter frequencies were not being automated. Now they are.
  • [R2] Fixed a minor VST issue that caused the plugin to show up in the wrong category.
  • Added AudioSuite processing. AAX only.
  • Fixed a very rare issue that could cause a hang on removing plugins from a project (or on shutting down).
  • ProTools only: Program changes are now shown under automation. In order for this to work, all parameters (except bypass) must be automated.
  • Fixed a small bug that caused the zoom button to appear when the screen was too small to allow zoom.
  • Fixed an initialization issue that could theoretically cause a plugin to launch without passing audio. This problem was never observed in this plugin.
  • Added detection of Fairlight Dream II DAW.

PhoenixVerb and R2 are available to purchase for Mac and Windows (AU/VST/RTAS/AAX) for $199 USD and $299 USD respectively. A bundle of both plug-ins is $449 USD.

More information: Exponential Audio