EZ-SOUND has announced that its Arp-Edge arpeggiator VST instrument is now available as freeware.

Arp-Edge rompler features 36 patches wich have been multi-sampled from hardware and sofware synthesizers such as Nord lead, MC505, Sequential six tracks, voyager, AN1x, Sid, plastic CZ.

The short, punchy sounds are suited to play arpeggio in poly or mono mode (with adjustable glide/portamento)

Arp-Edge features

  • 36 presets windows VSTi.
  • Each preset includes 24 multisamples.
  • Sampling quality : 16 and 32 bits.
  • Optimized volume/ key tracking.
  • Cool glide / portamento.
  • Mono/Poly mode new.

Arp-Edge for Windows is now a free download. Arp-edge is also available as a soundfont (SF2).

Visit EZ-SOUND for more information.