F9 Audio has announced the release of its latest sample pack: F9 TRAX: Los Angeles.

F9 Audio Trax Los Angeles

TRAX Los Angeles is 4GB+ royalty free sample pack containing five complete DAW projects covering Tropical house, Post EDM Pop, Nu disco and contemporary Melodic House.

Wherever possible the included sampler patches and MIDI have been used to put this release together and all the technique involved in production, programming and mixing is open to see and learn from.

The pack includes 110+ Sampler patches using Ableton Racks / ESX 24 and 130+ Logic Channel strips / Ableton Racks including specialised pop piano patches, Layered and carefully processed Drum Menus samples, Hit and FX menus and large selection of multi-sampled analog / Digitally sources patches sampled from synths ranging from a Jupiter 8, Prophet 6 Deepmind 12 to original DX7 and TX FM units.

Full instructions on how to install this content into your own DAW is provided.

F9 TRAX: Los Angeles is available for Logic X and Ableton 9.5, and in WAV formats (full stems or loops), priced at £20.95-£34.95 GBP.

More information: F9 Audio / F9 TRAX: Los Angeles