Fred Anton Corvest has introduced a new dynamics processor for iOS that provides precise design and control of the attack and sustain stages of your instruments.

FAC Transient uses an envelope for the contour of the input signal to give you control of the treshold, time and detector algorithm. A second and third envelope define the contour of the attack and sustain portions to give you total control of the depth and duration of each stage.

Transient designers or shapers are often associated with drum enhancements and only the best of them are versatile enough to suit most of the scenarios. Of course, you know that FAC takes pride in ensuring versatility in its product line, providing subtle to drastic changes. FAC Transient is no exception to the rule!

To meet this objective and to be ready for all the situations: drums, guitars, bass, vocal and much more. FAC Transient includes, in addition to the classic amplification or attenuation of the attack and sustain portion of your instrument, a fine control of the detection circuit involved in the processing.

FAC Transient features

  • Design the attack and sustain stages of your instruments.
  • Adjust the depths to bring them to the front or to the background of your mix.
  • Fine tuning of the envelope detection circuits; time, algorithm and treshold.
  • Treshold provides an accurate control of what to keep in the input detection circuit.
  • Suitable for any situation: drums, guitars, bass, vocal and much more.
  • Mix parameter to blend the effect into the original signal.
  • Audio Unit V3 iOS.
  • Host app provided (iOS: Supports most of your input devices – mic and USB devices).
  • iOS AuV3 supported in GarageBand, AudioBus3, AUM, BM3, ModStep…

FAC Transient is available to pre-order now for $9.99 USD.

More information: Fred Anton Corvest