Fanan has announced the release of Monica 3, an update to the free ’90s style dual layered synthesizer instrument for Windows.

The synth comes with a reworked GUI and some new features such as an LFO modulation matrix and MMM-MIDI clock motorized modulation that allows motorizing knobs and other controls. It also includes up to 8 voiced unison, a new cabinet effect and 2 morphed ’90s style pad oscillators with 8 waveforms each.

Monica 3 is the successor to Monica evo. An analog dual-layered 90’s style synth with 2 completely different aggressive and incredibly high dynamic range oscillators. The first oscillator is wavetable based with 50 wavetables + additional 50 wavtables for morphing. The second is an old style 8 waveforms pad oscillator that emulates the 90′ type monster pads. The oscillators work on dual-layered basis and have each own separate controls, synthesis section, chords driven pattern sequencer and some more new features.

Monica 3 is a free download at the Fanan website in VST/VST3 plugin formats for Windows.