Feeltune Rhizome

Feeltune has released Rhizome OS version 1.5.7, including a new VST Transformer.

Rhizome VST Transformer lets you calibrate automatically the Rhizome encoders the software generate definition files for each plugin : VST parameters range value is scanned the encoders behavior is suited to the parameter range. With the “Learn” function, you can define the program change button, and use the Rhizome encoders to browse presets on plugins that don’t export their presets.

Changes in Rhizome OS v1.5.7

  • Sampler normalize.
  • Sampler trim.
  • Sampler cut.
  • Sampler Fade in.
  • Sampler Fade out.
  • Sampler RAM optimisation.
  • Audio input for bus and aux : turn your Rhizome into a multi-effect device or mixing console.
  • Notes pre-listen in piano roll.
  • Pattern chaining : you can define a chaining between patterns.
  • Grid control optimisations.
  • Vst Transformer.
  • Up to 1000 definition files for VST plugins.
  • Preset browsing for all plugins.

Rhizomes now also come shipped with the Blue Cat free audio plugin suite.

More information: Feeltune