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Feelyoursound launches free Scale Chords: 300+ scales and their chords (incl. MIDI files)


FeelYourSound has launched Scale Chords, a new website featuring a collection of over 300 scale pages.

FeelYourSound Scale Chords

FeelYourSound just opened a new website to the public that answers two big questions for more than 300 different scales:
1) What are the scale notes for each root note?
2) Which common chords are available for this scale?

Scale Chords features

  • A MIDI file with scale notes and common chords for each scale and root note.
  • Chord graphics that display both scale notes (yellow) and chord notes (red).
  • Infographics for common western scales. They include all the basic chords (with roman numerals) on one handy PNG.

Two free download packs with MIDI files and infographics are available as well. The smaller one includes just the most popular western scales (6 MB), the bigger one includes all scales (28 MB). The Big pack is available as a free download to newsletter subscribers only.

More information: Feelyoursound / Scale Chords

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