FeelYourSound has announced the release of Trance Explosion, a free Trance songwriting package for producers of powerful hymns, uplifting tunes, and emotional anthems.

The pack contains over 60 free patterns and presets for the Sundog Song Studio and ChordPotion songwriting tools.

Use the included MIDI generators and chord transformation presets to create uplifting Trance chord progressions, arpeggios, bass lines, rhythmic chord patterns, and melodies within seconds.

The pack includes:

  • 7 chord progressions (Sundog).
  • 27 Sundog patterns.
  • 31 chord transformation presets (ChordPotion).

Trance Explosion is a free download.

A free series of Trance production tutorials will accompany this package on YouTube.

During the next weeks, FeelYourSound will cover the different aspects of Trance songwriting. You will learn more about chord progressions, bass line patterns, arpeggios, background melodies, rhythmic pluck sections, and lead melody secrets.

The first tutorial on chord progressions is available now. Other tutorials will follow in the next weeks.

More information: FeelYourSound