Fiedler Audio has announced the release of AD 480 Reverb Rack Extension, taking the reverb effect previously released for iOS to Propellerhead Reason and Reason Essentials.

Fiedler Audio AD 480 Reverb RE

The AD 480 Reverb RE algorithm is inspired by the sound of the studio reverb units that were only available for big budget recording studios and major touring acts.

The AD 480 Reverb RE is designed to simulate a variety of acoustic spaces and its controls allow a user to shape the sound in many different ways. The Parameter “size” provides an “algorithm” – a set of reflections – from a continuous range of values corresponding to a certain room size and thereby offering a lot more freedom than other reverbs with fixed “algorithms” (room sizes). Powerful filters shape the sonic color of the reverb tail and the “cross feed” function enables to control the directional behavior of the reverb tail according to the panorama angle of the input signal. The unique “dim” parameter determines the spatial dimensions of the reverb without influencing its first reflection pattern. At this parameter’s maximum the reverb is identical to the AD 480 Reverb for iOS.

The back panel of the AD 480 Reverb RE offers stereo outputs for the mixed signal as well as for wet and dry separated, providing great routing flexibility. The vast number of CV-inputs allow to automate and modulate almost all of the AD 480 Reverb REs parameters and support discovering entirely new ways to creatively use reverb in any kind of audio production.

AD 480 Reverb Rack Extension features

  • Professional reverb sound effect with variable room size.
  • Reverb time and spatial dimensions independently tweakable.
  • Extensive filter layout for a wide spectrum of sound.
  • 54 New presets with unique sound.
  • 108 excellent presets from the iOS version.
  • Separate outputs for mixed, wet and dry signals for flexible routing.
  • 20 CV-inputs for infinite modulation.

The AD 480 Reverb Rack Extension is available for purchase for 69 EUR.

More information: Fiedler Audio / AD 480 Reverb RE