FIND Foundation has released Semantic Daniélou-53, a free instrument instrument library capable of producing beautiful soundscapes based on fascinating microtonal progressions.

Developed by Christian Braut and Arnaud Sicard at UVI, Semantic Daniélou-53 brings a unique virtual instrument created in collaboration with renowned microtonality specialist Jacques Dudon.

Thanks to the constant support of the Alain Daniélou Cultural Center and the Foundation for Indo-European New Dialogues (FIND), the “Semantic Danielou-53” was born. Its aim is to make the just intonation experience accessible to a broader number of people through the means of many pre-programmed modes springing from the global scale of the Semantic: Indian ragas, scales from various musical cultures, demonstrations of commas, schismatic, linear, and fractal temperaments related to the Semantic system.

The Semantic Daniélou-53 can make audible microtonalities, which are usually ignored by most western instruments. And, while allowing us to return to the fundamental sources of music, helps us to open our perceptions and develop a finer listening of chords and sounds, such as in their harmonic spectrality, cultural diversity, or psychoacoustic and musical applications. It enhances, for example, the semantic and emotional quality of intervals naturally generated from the 5th harmonic (pure major third, sixth, and seventh), which are physically absent in the Western equal temperament.

Semantic Daniélou-53 is compatible with the free UVI Workstation.

More information: Semantic Daniélou-53