Flintpope has announced the Songlines Reaktor Bundle, a collection of three Reaktor ensembles bundled at a discounted price.

The bundle includes Songlines, Drumslines, and the Drumlines LoFi Refill.

Songlines is a Reaktor 6 instrument consisting of 3 layers of 24 hypnotic ambient musical loops that play against each other to create complex, textured, atmospheric moods.

Just hit the space bar to set the loops off and improvise along with the included mono-synth for hours of ENO-esque fun! SONGLINES is a great tool for creating unusual pads too: use Reaktor’s inbuilt recorder function to create fat, textural samples of your arrangements.

Drumlines offers a quick-fix drumlooper, consisting of 4 sets of 24 musical drum loops that play against each other to create complex, textured beats.

You get 96 two-bar loops in WAV format at 120 bpm. You can happily downtempo to 105 and up to 140 before artifacts. The total possible combinations of loops is 96 x 96 (9216 variations) and that’s not factoring-in mute or solo into the possible arrangements.
You don’t need to worry that your beats will sound like anyone else’s.

The Drumlines Lofi Refill offers a collection of 96 lo-fi loops for the Drumlines ensemble. The pack includes grainy beats with a ton of atmosphere and noises-off.

If you like Mindsgn and Clark you may like these. All sounds and tune-snippets are Flintpope originals and completely royalty-free. A lot of care has gone into making these loops all sound as if they’ve been lifted off records but they haven’t; all 96 have been carefully crafted in Ableton Live. Care has also been taken to ensure at least 99 percent of the loops all play nicely with each other.

The bundle is available for $9.99 USD, a $19.98 USD savings over buying all three products separately. Requires Native Instruments Reaktor 6, full version.

More information: Flintpope