Flintpope has announced the release of CRASH, a sound library featuring 36 presets for the Collision instrument of Ableton Live.

CRASH is the result of working with one of the lesser used Ableton Live out-of-the-box instruments COLLISION to see if it could make some glorious noises. Ableton Collision is a math driven sound-modelling instrument co-authored with AAS (designers of Chromaphone) and is capable of creating realistic tuned percussion, drums, cymbals, metallic hits, pipes and strings.

Not satisfied with all these goodies Flintpope experimented with the noise generator and varying releases/materials on the seven resonators (beam, marimba, string, membrane, plate, pipe, and tube) to get some original sounds that can take the listener out of the usual realm of percussive music. The results are interestingly grainy and LOFI, creating sound-spaces that vary between wide open and tightly focused in turn.

The sound pack also includes a bonus set of 16 of Flintpope’s favorite presets as Sampler instruments (including various FX and certain Sampler enhancements).

CRASH is available for $9.99 USD. Note that the pack was formerly available as part of a pack called Tension Collision.

More information: Flintpope