Flintpope has announced the release of DAVE, a “Digital Audio Variant Explorer” for Native Instruments Reaktor 6.

A granular dual sample player that can create mad, surprising sounds with a few tweaks, and some very good sounds with a bit of diligence.

Onboard is a set of 200 embedded samples taken from a selection of Flintpope’s online libraries at sounds.com; namely LAYERED, ARPS, AUTOBAHN, MIKROPRISM, PHOTONE, PALETTE, PULSING, SUGAR, TANGLED and TEXTURAL SPACE. This will hopefully help you create a range of out-there sounds; 85 snapshots act as a starting point for experimentation.

DAVE is available for £9.99 GBP. It requires the full version of Reaktor 6.

Flintpope has also announced that the Atmos and Atmos ReFill are now available as a free download from the Reaktor User Library.

More information: Flintpope