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Flintpope releases free BASS monophonic synth for NI Reaktor


Flintpope has announced availability of BASS for Reaktor, a simple two-oscillator, monophonic bass generator based on an idea by Salamanderanagram.

Flintpope BASS for Reaktor

The trick with this version is that you can have ALL the waves playing at once and ALL the filter types clicked in unison if you want; AND there are TWO oscillators with an eye-catching display that can actually help sound definition as it is super-responsive to control parameters changing. There is also a cross-fade dial to balance the two oscillators for fine definition.

With the extra addition of a comb filter and a 4 wave LFO for filter mod the range of sounds is massive. Tuned up an octave or two (see the Lead Bank) this instrument makes a great synth weapon too.

BASS includes 30 presets and you can download the instrument for free from the Reaktor User Library at Native Instruments.

More information: Native Instruments

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