Flintpope has announced a new soundset for the Pigments 3 software synthesizer instrument by Arturia.

Tuneseeds features a collection of 16 presets for the exciting sound design synth with transparent routing, excellent LFO modulation and inspiring granular options.

Flintpope’s investigations into this synth have resulted in a range of 16 presets called TUNESEEDS, a bank that tries to avoid the obvious. Instead he invites you to journey into calmer, more eccentric territory. A journey that starts with a homage to the Sci-Fi classic “Annihilation” by Jeff VanderMeer and ends with the quiet simplicity of the zen mediation technique called Zazen.

All these sounds come with intelligent macro routing so you can explore what Pigments 3 is capable of.

Tuneseeds is available for purchase for £4.99 GBP.