Flintpope has announced that all Ableton Packs on its website are now free.

Flintpope Ableton Packs

  • CINEMATIKA – 36 scratchy, grainy new Ableton Tension presets for cinematic/ambient/sound-design writers. Don’t just think cinema, think indie cinema.
  • COLLISIONS – A set of 16 new racks for Ableton’s Collision Instrument that explore the noisier side of the machine. From presets Vinylchurch to Petrol Pizzicato experiment with the darker side of sound design.
  • SLOW – A zip of TWO Packs that delve deep into SLOW pad textures: you get 16 new pads to play with.

For a taster, listen to the track below, “FAV”: a set of eight of original presets: 3 Analog patches, 2 Collision, 1 Simpler, 1 Tension and 1 Flintpope Max Device.

More information: Flintpope