Fluffy Audio AudioTrap

Fluffy Audio has introduced AudioTrap, a plugin which is able to capture a small chunk of audio from your favourite DAW and play with it in a number of different ways.

It can recreate stutter effects, enables loop remixing in a number of different ways. It allows to catch a single note of a live instrument and to play with it like you would do with a classical sampler.It is a very useful instrument for live musicians, DJ and people who loves to experiment with sound.

AudioTrap features

  • Low CPU utilization.
  • Sampler mode for playing melodies from a single captured sample.
  • Slicer mode for constructing time cuts, breaks and stutters or to create variations of a rythmic pattern.
  • Intuitive UI for effective usability.
  • ADSR Filter for amplitude envelope control.
  • Engine Optimized with support to SSE2 instructions.
  • 32 and 64 Bit Support.

AudioTrap is available for Windows (VST), priced at 39 EUR / $49 USD. A free AudioTrap Lite version is also available.

More information: Fluffy Audio