Flux plug-ins

Flux has released version 2.0.9 of all its plug-ins.

Changes in Flux v2.0.9 plug-ins

  • Solera: MS Width not working.
  • Stereo Tool (Windows): Installer not support Windows XP 64.
  • Security (Windows):
    • Crash sometimes when shutting down or restarting Windows.
    • iLok support not working on Vista 64 SP1.
    • New iLok support management. Now the Flux:: security engine will not try to load the iLok support if iLok drivers are not installed or if the installed version is too old. This allow to be able to use the Flux:: VST plug-ins without installing iLok (if you are using the Flux:: dongle). The Security Manager will display messages regarding your current iLok installation.

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