Empty Vessel has announced the release of Forgotten, a soundset featuring a collection of 25 patches for the PolyM synthesizer instrument by XILS-lab.

Empty Vessel Forgotten for PolyM

In the style of my factory presets for the Xils PolyM Polymoog emulation this is a pack of 25 sounds – mainly dark, dusty, glitchy, wonky pads in a BOC, Plaid, Ulrich Schnauss sort of vibe.

A couple of 80s inspired sounds may have sneaked in because, when you lived through it, it’s impossible to shake off the sounds of that era entirely :)

Basically if you liked my factory presets then you should enjoy these.

The Forgotten soundset is available as a “Pay what you like” download.

More information: Empty Vessel / Forgotten for PolyM