Waves Audio has announced the upcoming R&B / Hip Hop Vocal Mixing Masterclass in which Fabian Marasciullo will show the mixing process of “Wake Up Dead” by T-Pain ft. Chris Brown.

Waves Open Sessions RnB Hip Hop Vocals

Grammy-winning producer/mixer Fabian Marasciullo (Rihanna, Jay Z, Lil Wayne) will open his mix of the new song “Wake Up Dead” by T-Pain ft. Chris Brown, and show you:

  • How to mix a pumping yet smooth R&B / hip hop vocal.
  • How to get two vocalists to gel together in the mix.
  • How to help both vocals sit in the mix, yet pop out in all the right ways.

The event will stream live on Wednesday, September 2nd, 2020, 2-3pm EDT.

The session will be open for Q&A via chat, so get your questions ready and sign up now.

More information: Waves Audio