As part of this year’s KVR Developer Challenge, Noizebox Industries has released its first audio plugin.

The NB01 – distortion/sustainer is inspired by a circuit from an ancient guitar pedal that was originally intended as a soft-distortion-sustainer for guitars.

Giving that singing sustain without a lot of harsh distortion. This is a modern take on the same circuit, not a straight up clone, more of a work-alike inspired by the original circuit. Though a fair amount of work has gone into modelling the peculiar anomalies of an overdriven, asymmetrically clipping, amplifier circuit with a FET-based feedback loop that works like a crude compressor, prone to overcompensating.

The plugin features sections for drive, compression (independent and linked stereo, and mono), and tone.

NB01 is available to download at KVR Audio as a VST effect for Windows and Linux.